ABBA Voyage a show like no other and a show programme like no other too...

I worked closely with the ABBA Voyage team on this monumental project of trying to incorporate all aspects of the show in only 36 pages before the show had even begun. After discussing with the producers we decided on a scrapbook style for this project to try and include as many images of the build up to the show as possible.

To make the programme as authentic and tangible as possible I decided that the best way to achieve this was to physically make these pages and photograph them individually in a similar way to how the show was created, starting with the originals and then digitising them. The process of this was not the easiest as everything had to be hand cut, put in the correct place and photographed before making edits digitally which meant if something needed to change then that process had to start at the beginning. However at the end of many long days (and nights) I think that I managed to achieve the desired outcome
1. Gathering props to use for the pages       2. Organising a collage page to make sure you could see the images as they were intended       3. Hand for scale
4. ABBA and Dr. Watson (Dog) were pretty hands on with this project       5. Sifting through buttons to use on the costume pages
1. Planning layouts with blank paper amongst the chaos       2. I made a template with some scrap cardboard to make sure everything would fit onto the spread it's not pretty but it works
3. Even the rug got involved to add a different texture and mix up the backgrounds 
1. Watching the tests of the show a couple of months before launch gave me a really good idea of how the show comes together       2. The live band rehearsing few weeks before the opening night    
3. Loved this shot from the run through of Chiquitita       4. A view from the top       5. A view from the top with the lights on 
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